The First Annual

Butterfly Ball 

February 9, 2019

Special Thank You to all the Sponsors:

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

One Hundred Hispanic Society

DJ Promise

Robert Delgado

Ask 4Print and Wine Angelo Kouzinas

D'Amico Coffee- Jody and Fran


Pilo Arts

Continental Restaurant 

Raphael's Winery

Styled by Yuliza

Puebla Car Service

Mays Chairman

Jasmine's Flowers

T Fusion Steakhouse

City Moonlight Wine

Manhattan Beer

Pachitas Mexican Restaurant

Kiwanis Club of Brighton

Olive Garden

La Villa Pizza Restaurant

Hope Creations

Junior Cheese Cake



Quality Italian

Mr. & Mrs. Veliz

Aladdin bakers

Aladdin Brooklyn Bakers

Mr. & Mrs. Bonilla

Rosa Salinas

Julie Hernandez

Also special thank you to all the pastry chefs:

Lucy Blanche

Marianne Perry

Priscella Morales

Sameera  Roberts

Shirleen Lopez-Rivera

Abby's Promise, Inc.

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