The First Annual

Butterfly Ball 

February 9, 2019

Special Thank You to all the Sponsors:

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

One Hundred Hispanic Society

DJ Promise

Robert Delgado

Ask 4Print and Wine Angelo Kouzinas

D'Amico Coffee- Jody and Fran


Pilo Arts

Continental Restaurant 

Raphael's Winery

Styled by Yuliza

Puebla Car Service

Mays Chairman

Jasmine's Flowers

T Fusion Steakhouse

City Moonlight Wine

Manhattan Beer

Pachitas Mexican Restaurant

Kiwanis Club of Brighton

Olive Garden

La Villa Pizza Restaurant

Hope Creations

Jets Football

Nets Basketball

Knicks Basketball

Junior Cheese Cake



Quality Italian

Mr. & Mrs. Veliz

Aladdin bakers

Aladdin Brooklyn Bakers

Mr. & Mrs. Bonilla

Rosa Salinas

Julie Hernandez

Also special thank you to all the pastry chefs:

Lucy Blanche

Marianne Perry

Priscella Morales

Sameera  Roberts

Shirleen Lopez-Rivera

Abby's Promise, Inc.

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